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Now you can see more vibrant colors & more details at night

See more vibrant colors & more details at night

Compare hiking headlamp and flashlight images
Typical headlamp or flashlight

Introducing the Next Generation of Wearable Adventure Lighting 

headlamp, flashlight, leglights


True-Color-Revealing Cyradiance® technology

More than just High CRI:

All visible light wavelengths


Selectable Light Spectra


Enhanced Peripheral Views


packaged in

Ruggedized all-weather designs


enhanced with

many first-ever innovations

HALF the Color Spectrum You Had In Daylight Are

Weak or Missing With Current Headlamps & Flashlights!



Cyradiance Broad Spectrum LED logo

Headlamps, Leglights, & flashlights created using vision science & studies of reflected light spectra from thousands of outdoor surfaces to work separately or as a stysem


Better at revealing Colors, Textures, Patterns, Contours, Water & Oily Films, & Other Surface Details



OWLSIGHT Headlamps, LEGLIGHTS, & CM1 Focusing Flashlights

That Can Work As a Precision Illumination System


Launching in just a few weeks

on Kickstarter! 




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Hikers wearing Nulumina CYRAD Cyradiance headlamps, LEGLIGHTS, and flashlights

See how Cyradiance provides twice the spectral color range of typical "bright white" LEDs, 

Plus boosted cyans & reds

Graphic showing color range of Cyradiance LED

See 6 examples below of OWLSIGHT Headlamp's

12 color-spectral modes 

revealing more colors & details


See CYRAD compared to typical white and red LED lights 

Comparisone photos of  LED light, Cyradiance high CRI, and UV and red mesopic active filters




Fine-tune your lights to enhance different situations


See what you've been missing!


Comparisone photos of  LED light, Cyradiance high CRI, and UV and red mesopic active filters

Hover or click < and > symbols on the left and right of the images to stop, start, & control the slide show

DID YOU KNOW that different levels of darkness, different environments, and different activities can benefit from either boosting or detuning select color wavelengths? The light spectra combination to best illuminate trail running, mountain climbing, spelunking, fishing, snowshoeing, or setting up camp may not necessarily be the same. You may have seen lamps with red LEDs and green, yellow, or other filters. If you tried these, you probably found minimal utility. 


PRECISION ILLUMINATION. We went an important step further to create the next evolution in full-color lighting: We designed our OWLSIGHT headlamp and LEGLIGHTS so that you can customize your lamp's spectra to meet your changing needs! In fact, our OWLSIGHT headlamp offers 12 selectable spectra and LEGLIGHTS offer 4 selectable spectral modes, all powered by Cyradiance technology.



Anchor 2

Cyradiance Technology

reveals subtle details & textures

Moth on tree bark detail using different LED light

Moth on bark

Colorful wildflowers in sunlight



You do not need to become an expert in Light Science

to enjoy the vision enhancing benefits of

Cyradiance technology and CYRAD systems,

but the more you know, the more you can see and do. 

The answer lies in Vision Science. We studied both how our eyes see at night and the properties of outdoor objects from many types of terrain we want or need to see better. We took spectral reflectivity data of more than 15,000 outdoor surfaces from many types of terrain. We utilized the sciences of human vision, studying how our eyes function in all levels of darkness. Then, we studied the light output of dozens of today's most popular flashlights and headlamps to determine what changes were needed for the next generation of wearable lighting.


We discovered that even the highest price headlamps and flashlights were weakest in the critically important cyan and red wavelengths that help us see the darkest and lowest contrast terrestrial surfaces that are often hazards, assess the type of and condition of vegetation, contours, and our ability to perceive wet, icy, or oily surfaces. Violets and UVA are also missing from other lamps, but these light wavelengths reveal natural fluorescence and fine textures exhibited by many fungi, insects, and plants such as nettles.  


CYRAD's technology helps you to better see difficult-to-follow hiking trails, recently trampled plants, or disturbed ground that you might have otherwise missed. CYRAD systems can even make scat and blood more visible on grass or dry ground than most blood lights.


The Light Science section of this website contains useful information about what we learned and what we have done to enhance your vision in dark places. 



Human eye cross section graphic
UVA Fluorescence Can Make Many Things Easier to See 
(even some things you'd rather not see) 
Fluorescent tidal pool, urine stain, bedbug traces, and fishing gear
CYRAD OWLSIGHT Headlamps and LEGLIGHTS can provide UV, with or without broad spectrum light
       Also, reveal fluorescence in many types of IDs, currencies, camp gear, fungi, algae, and more.

In Sunlight

Loud megaphone for light and audio analogy

LIGHT ENHANCEMENT IS ANALOGOUS TO QUALITY AUDIO:  Vision and hearing both have a "midrange" of highest sensitivity often described as brightness (lumens) or loudness (decibels SPL). The Cyradiance vision-boost concept is analogous to how quality hearing aids or audio equalizers increase the sound intensity at high and/or low frequencies where your hearing is less sensitive to improve your ability to hear more detail.


You can think of red light being analogous to bass, yellow-green as midrange, and blue or violet as treble.  If you mostly put energy into the midrange of either sound or vision, many important details are lost.



Comparing light and sound frequency response
Light and Sound Have Similarities in Human Perception

You want to know the frequency range of your audio components, and you likely boost your bass and treble to hear more detail in music in frequency ranges where our hearing is weaker. You should want to do the same with your illuminating light spectra for most situations if maximizing detail perception is your goal.


Being able to illuminate using ALL color wavelengths where your eyes are most sensitive in darkness, means that you can better see the details of natural surfaces including dirt, mud, roots, bark, fungus, algae, insects, slime, scat, wetness, ice, oil films, and many types vegetation, and many rocks & minerals.


You want full-spectrum illumination to not only to make your nighttime excursions more enjoyable and also safer!

Colorfull hiking trail wildflowers
Snake hiking trail hazard
Difficult wet hiking trail hazard, snake, many color wildflowers
cliff hiking trail hazard boots

Just adding more brightness does not improve visual quality, similar to how just adding loudness does not improve audio quality. 

CRI Ra ~95-100


Hikes showing wide peripheral LED lighting near forest





LEGLIGHTS reveal your foot-forward zone

See what you've been missing!


Snowshoe walker with LED light system showing wide peripheral views
spelunker in lava cave with LED light system

Do you want to be more footsure at night?

DID YOU KNOW that our eyes' pupils often and unconsciously glance toward our feet when we walk or run? LEGLIGHTS add 2 additional full-color spectrum wide-angle wearable floodlights to illuminate your “Foot-forward” zone up to 30 feet. This extended peripheral view improves your footing on difficult terrain and permits better heads-up attention to your surroundings.

LEGLIGHTS provide an amazing advantage for improved footing. You may soon wonder how you got around at night without them. We designed LEGLIGHTS to be easy to use, very fast to buckle on or off,  and with very long battery life using just one AA battery per illuminator.

Hiker trekker wearing LED headlamp, flashlights, and LEGLIGHTS



DID YOU KNOW that multiple angles of light are almost always present in "daylight"? Direct "sunlight" is only a part of daylight. Wide-angle "skylight" and light reflected from other surfaces at many angles play a big role in why visual details appear better in the daytime. That is why professional photography & movie studios use multiple light sources to bring out detail.


We designed our OWLSIGHT and LEGLIGHTS to work together. Multiple light angles using lamps on the head and wide-angle illuminators on both legs more closely simulate morning sunlight at your back than any single light source. This better illuminates detail and shadows, more like you get from the mix of sunlight and skylight, or like the lighting setups used in photography studios. Your perception of color hues, tints, tones, angles, depth, translucence, wetness, iciness, waxy or oily surfaces, patterns, and other visual effects are determined both by many parts of the light's color spectrum and the light angles you often unconsciously use in full-spectrum daylight. 

<Click video>

Reveals what's in shadows & adds depth perception

Bigfoot sasquatch in backpack tent
backpacker tent in woods at night
hiker in dark cave climbing on rocks with LED headlamp and LEGLIGHTS


Product Highlights


Hike, Run, Ride, Fish, Ski, Track, Spelunk, or Climb

"Any Time" and "In Any Weather"

Icones hiking, fishing, hunting skiing, running, horseback, riding, canoe, camp, photography, climbing, and hunting
hiking hazards snake, barbed wire, ticks, thorns, aligator caiman




Simulates multiple angles & all visible colors

of sunlight & skylight, & exposes shadows 

See what you've been missing!

Nulumina Owlsight headlamp, LEGLIGHTS and focusable flashlight
Check out the PRODUCTS tab to see Specifications and more details about
individual products and the Triad and Quad Precision Illumination sets.

Get your 
CM1 Flashlight






Backpacker hikers on mountian at sunset

Join our Commmunity of Nighttime Adventurers.

Help us bring color back to the night with

CYRAD Full-Color-Spectra wearable lights

designed to enhance your vision, safety, & fun.


Hikers with LED headlamps and LEGLIGHTS and Sasquatch Big foot in forest

See what you've

been missing! 

Thanks for visiting us!

Get out earlier! Stay out longer!

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