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Have some questions about using your flashlight?              Here are a few items to check before contacting us.
1. Difficulty turning on:
Check that your AA batteries are good and that they are oriented correctly (+ side of both batteries point toward the lens.
Check for debris in battery cavity. Press the control button until it clicks.
2. How to quickly cycle through the 3 modes? 
Lightly press the control button to switch modes without turning flashlight off. This is very fast!
3. How to improve peripheral vision and night vision?
Use wide-angle focusing and medium power, keep the flashlight pointed away from close-up surfaces, and give yourself 10-15 minutes without looking at other lights or shining the light on items close up. It can take 30 minutes or more for full dark-adaptation.
For long-distances, focus the light beam to a smaller spot, but be very carfull not to shine the light beam on anything up-close or you will need to restart your dark-adaptation delay.
The special CYRAD spectrum will make use of you dark adaptation, providing greatly improved situational awareness while using less battery power.

We want to hear your questions, comments, and suggestions, BIG or small

Got questions about this new technology and totally new way of lighting your surroundings? 

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