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No Details Should Be Left Unseen

Every Color Wavelength of Light Carries Detail About Surfaces to Your Eyes,   Not Just the Pretty Colors


Why Carry a Flashlight that is Weak or Missing HALF the Visible Light Wavelengths?

Introducing The CG2 Focusable Flashlight

The CG2 has the World's First Detachable ActiveRedTM Filter
This photonic filter efficiently changes blue, green and yellow photons into red photons, instead of just blocking and wasting ~90% of your light (battery power) like other red passive filters.
ActiveRed also provides a far better spectrum for both close-up and illuminated distance dark-adapted vision than red LEDs!
The CG2 has a 65-25 Degree Focus Range (floodlight to spotlight)

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Introductory Sale Price: $35.96       

MSRP:  $55.95

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CM1 Flashlight & CG2 Flashlight Features 


Nulumina's CM1 and CG2 flashlights both have:

  • 3W LEDs with Cyradiance True-Color, CRI ~95 light, Optimized for outdoor vision

  • Regulated power for "constant luminance" as batteries deplete

    • Cheap flashlights have constantly decaying luminance. Many flashlights drop below 50% of initial luminance within 15 minutes, and then keep dropping.

    • Constant luminance is important for accurate surface assessment & photography

  • "Blackout protection" provides low luminance, long-life mode after 90% battery depletion

  • High and lower power modes, plus a flashing mode for signaling & roadside use

    • Easy to operate even wearing heavy gloves

  • Refractive focusable optics for smooth beams without significant dark/bright rings, spots, or other annoying patterns

  • Designed to hold focus position over wide temperature range & even when frosted

    • Just the right amount of scattered light for wide peripheral vision 

  • IP-67 Dust and Waterproof, Plus a rugged 2-meter drop rating (>FL-1 )

  • Super wide -40° to +130° F operational temperature range*

  • Corrosion-resistant anodized aircraft-grade milled aluminum body (not just painted)

  • Use your choice of alkaline, disposable lithium, or rechargeable NiMH batteries

  •  * Suggested use of disposable 1.5V  lithium batteries below 15°F. (batteries not included)  

A Tracking Light, Dark-Adapted Vision and Signaling Light in one 6.25"   3.5oz Rugged Device

See More Colors and Detail !

Cyradiance®  LED Light Improves

Your Detail Perception of:

  • Blood on Ground & Foliage

  • Scat, Animal Paths, & Tracks

  • Scuffed & Upturned Soil

  • Recently Dug Locations 

  • Overturned Leaves & Disturbed Ground Clutter 

  • Crushed or Damaged Plants

  • Type Plants & Foraging Telltails 

  • Scratched Tree Bark

  • Insects and their Telltails

  • Tripping Hazards                  (Roots, Rocks, Holes, etc.)

  • Better Vision In Dust or Fog

  • Most Insects and Hives

  • Water, Ice, Oil on Surfaces   

  • Snow & Ice Contours      

  •  Slime & Slick Spots

  • Trail Markers & Gear

  • Textures, Patterns, & Details

  • & Almost Everything Else 

Plus, Take Great Photos & Videos with Richer Color and Sharper Images

What Makes the CG2 Flashlight So Different?

In our studies of reflected visible light spectra of over 15,000 outdoor surfaces from almost every type of terrain, the wavelengths of light that mattered most for differentiating color and detail outdoors were discovered.  


Light wavelengths in indigo, cyan, and ALL the visible red spectrum are weak or missing from other LED flashlights, but these are some of the most important spectral ranges of light for your vision for the vast majority of outdoor surfaces. New Cyradiance R LEDs had to be created to correct this!


The CG2 boosts the cyan and the "entire" visible red spectral range for almost ~200% greater effective spectral gamut than other LED flashlights or headlamps, and the light is balanced for CRI ~95 (close to sunlight color rendering, and better than most LED photo studio lights).


The CG2's Cyradiance broad-spectrum light is critical for seeing, contrasting, and differentiating blood, scat, vegetation detail, and just about anything that might trip you up off-trail.  You can also better identify many characteristics such as the 3-dimensional feel of surfaces, fine trail details such as thorns on blackberry vines, the translucence of many objects including wet or icy surfaces, contours, the luster of metals, and many advantages for photography, video, & vision, in addition to seeing truer colors. 



Plus, you can put the world's 1st ActiveRed filter on the CG2 focusable flashlight for super-power-efficient mesopic red light providing great night-vision that virtually obsoletes red LEDs. Red LEDs emit only 1/4 the red light spectrum and other red filters just block and waste >90% of your light & precious battery power! ActiveRed filtered Cyradiance light optimizes both radiant power efficiency and your night vision with maximum dark adaptation. 


Thick, super-wide temperature range silicone rubber rings were used in the control and focus mechanism so you could operate this flashlight from -40°F to +130°F (We suggest using disposable lithium 1.5V AA batteries for operation under 15°F ).  

The CG2 Flashlight comes with the world's-first ActiveRed filter that is 5X as efficient as other red filters because it efficiently converts blue, green and yellow photons into red photons, instead of just blocking and wasting your light energy (battery power).
ActiveRed also enables great mesopic vision (rods and cones working together) giving you better close-up and long-distance illuminated vision.
Get ~4X the visible red spectrum of red LEDs, plus just enough of the rest of the visible spectrum to see more detail while staying dark-adapted.
Be less noticed in blinds, attract fewer insects, stay dark-adapted, see further, and see more detail in your proximity!

Cyradiance LED Light

Typical Cool White LED Light


Here Are a Few Responses About Cyradiance LED Light from the CG2 Focusable Flashlight Trials! 

"Amazing, I can see blood better with Cyradiance light than with any of my other Blood-lights, and all else."


"Using the reflected spectra of what's being illuminated to design a light makes sense. Why has nobody else bothered?"

Shows tracks, trails, blood, prints, & everything better than anything else I've tried"!


Exposes tracking details including scuffed dirt, scratched bark, and overturned leaf that I could barely see in the day 

"Every hoofprint, crushed plant, or bit of scat shows up like in sunlight. Don't go into the deep woods without a CG2"


"I had no idea that my $100 flashlight was blinding me to more than it exposed. Less weight and I can see again!"


"Plenty of detail revealing light. It does everything but night-blind my pals"


"Great battery life using rechargeable Ni-MH batteries.

Easy to pocket spares and no lithium battery airline hassles." 


"Great battery life, Great color & detail, and really long-distance vision when focused"  


"My photos and videos at night never looked

this rich and sharp before. Great supplement to a flash."


"I tried the CG2 with the new ActiveRed filter next to my red LED torch. I could see much more with ActiveRed, including the red lines on my map that disappear using red LEDs"


Dark adjusted using the ActiveRed filter on the CG2. I could see deer half a mile away. The deer ignored the red light.


"My Go-to Light for even on low power!

The CG2 red filter helps me see better than red LEDs" 


"Going off trail without stumbling on noisy branches and tangled blackberry vines is now easy, so is staying night-adapted"


"The CG2 without a filter is the best light for fishin & froggin! 

The Activered light lets me sit still and see my gear without bugs"

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Introductory Sale Price:  $35.96       

MSRP:  $55.95

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