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Introducing the Next Generation of Adventure Lighting 

cyrad headlamp, leglight, and flashlight system at night in Fall
CYRAD are the World's-First focusable & rugged flashlights and lighting systems that reveal
True-Colors & More Important Details!
Take your night adventures to the next level, revealing more detail & wide peripheral views 


Each rugged CYRAD illuminator enables Your Extreme-Vision utilizing vision science and research studies of the spectral reflectivity from thousands of outdoor surfaces

HALF of the visible light spectrum is weak or missing from other LED headlamps and flashlights, regardless of claimed "brightness." 
That's why many colors & detail appear different or washed out compared to what you see in sunlight.
Use CYRAD flashlight illuminators to see truer colors, Plus all the structure & surface details those missing light wavelengths can reveal. 
  • Extreme Vision: True Colors (CRI ~95), textures, contours, holes/bumps, roots, blood, scat, wet/icy/oily surfaces, & other details

  • See more of your surroundings 

  • Enhance your night-vision with true-color (CM1 & CG2) & mesopic red (CG2)

  • Quickly assess everything on or off trail, find obscure trails, & even better assess food freshness, grilling, or even better see paints and textiles. 

  • Create better photos and videos

CM1 Flashlight & CG2 Flashlight Features 


Nulumina's CM1 and CG2 flashlights both have:

  • 3W LEDs emitting Cyradiance True-Color, CRI ~95 light, Optimized for outdoor vision

  • Regulated power for "constant luminance" as batteries deplete

    • Cheap flashlights have rapidly decaying luminance. Most are under 50% of initial luminance within 15 minutes, and then keep rapidly decaying. Specifications only show initial luminance.

    • Constant luminance is important for accurate surface detail assessment & photography

  • "Blackout protection"provides low luminance, long-life mode after 90% battery depletion

  • High and lower power modes, plus a flashing mode for signaling & roadside use

    • Easy to operate even wearing heavy gloves

  • Refractive focusable optics for smooth beams without significant dark/bright rings or spots

  • Designed to hold focus position over wide temperature range & even when frosted

    • Get just right amount of scattered light for good peripheral vision 

  • IP-67 Dust and Waterproofing, Plus a rugged 2-meter drop rating (>FL-1 )

  • Ultra-Wide -40° to +130° F operational temperature range*

  • Corrosion-resistant anodized aircraft-grade milled aluminum body (not just painted)

  • Use your choice of alkaline, disposable lithium, or rechargeable NiMH batteries

  •  * Suggested use of disposable 1.5V  lithium batteries below 15°F. (batteries not included)  

Get Your CM1 Flashlight or CG2 Flashlight Now!

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CM1 Introduction Sale: $29.95   MSRP $49.95
The CM1 has a Rare-Earth Green-Glowing Handle and 23-75 Degree Focus Range
(The Rare-Earth Green-Glowing Handle cover can be found in the dark over 14 hours after exposure to intense light for over 10 minutes.)
CG2 Introduction Sale: $35.96
MSRP $55.95
The CG2 has a Detachable ActiveRedTM Filter and 25-65 Degree Focus Range
Colorful rainbow over forest
Cyradiance Broad Spectrum LED technology logo

Get back all the colors & details of daytime, at night

Learn how other LED headlamps and flashlights that output mostly yellow-green light to "appear brighter" actually degrade your detail perception of most natural objects.  Learn what really matters for better vision at night and how to better use light outdoors, caving, and anywhere dark.  

 True-Color Spectra Reveal Both Hazards & Nature's Beauty 
hiking hazards snake, barbed wire, ticks, thorns, aligator caiman
Your perception of color hues, tints, tones, textures, angles, depth, translucence, wetness, ice coatings, waxy or oily surfaces, patterns, slopes or contours, and other visual effects are determined both by many parts of your flashlight's light's color spectrum and the light angles you unconsciously use during daylight.  Not just color perception!
Quickly differentiating small color differences can be very important for everything from cooking and paint or fabric comparisons to hazard avoidance and better videos & photos.
The CG2 Flashlight also comes with the world's-first ActiveRed filter that is 5X as efficient as other red filters because it efficiently converts blue, green and yellow photons into red photons, instead of just blocking and wasting your light energy.
ActiveRed also enables great mesopic vision (rods and cones working together) giving you better close-up and long-distance illuminated vision. Get ~4X the visible red spectrum of red LEDs, plus just enough of the rest of the visible spectrum to see more detail while staying dark-adapted.
Be less noticed for better night wildlife viewing, attract fewer insects, and see more detail!

Hike, Run, Ride, Fish, Ski, Track, Spelunk, or Climb

"Any Time" and "In Any Weather"

Icons of hiking, fishing, hunting skiing, running, horseback, riding, biking, horesback, canoe, camp, photography, climbing, and caving
Backpacker hikers on mountian at sunset

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Help us bring color back to the night with

CYRAD True-Color-Spectra flashlights & wearable lights

designed to enhance your vision, safety, & fun.

Get out earlier! Stay out longer!
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