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Introducing the Next Generation of Wearable Adventure Lighting 

cyrad headlamp, leglight, and flashlight system at night in Fall
CYRAD is the World's-First Full-Visible-Color System lighting consisting of the Owlsight Headlamp, new LEGLIGHTS, & a focusable flashlight. All 3 provide True-Colors & More!
Take your night adventures to the next level, revealing more detail & wide peripheral views 


Each rugged CYRAD illuminator enables Your Extreme-Vision utilizing vision science and research studies of the spectral reflectivity from thousands of outdoor surfaces

HALF of the light spectrum is weak or missing from other LED headlamps and flashlights, regardless of claimed "brightness." 
That's why many colors & detail appear different or washed out compared to what you see in sunlight.
Use CYRAD illuminators to see true colors, Plus all the structure details those missing wavelengths can reveal. 

If you hike, backpack, run, climb, ride, spelunk, track, fish, camp, snowshoe, photograph outdoors - or do most anything outdoors in the dark, CYRAD Systems will enable:

  • Extreme Vision: True Colors (CRI~95), textures, contours, holes/bumps, roots, blood, scat, wet/icy/oily surfaces, & other details

  • Illuminate your foot-forward zone to be more footsure

  • See more of your surroundings & reveal what's in shadows

  • Enhance your night-vision with customizable spectra including true-color, fluorescence, daylight simulation, & mesopic red

  • Create better photos and videos

MORE than just a higher CRI than all other LED flashlights
Boosted cyan greatly enhances your
long-distance, dark-adapted night vision

Get Your CM1 Flashlight or CG2 Flashlight Now! 

     On      ( Both Provide True-Color, CRI ~95 light )

The CM1 has a Rare-Earth Green-Glowing Handle and 23-75 Degree Focus Range
CM1 Flashlight
CG2 Flashlight
CM1 Introduction Sale: $29.95
The CG2 has a Detachable ActiveRedTM Filter and 25-65 Degree Focus Range
CG2 Introduction Sale: $35.96

Get back all the colors & details of daytime, at night

Finally, Cyradiance LEDs & technology in the Owlsight headlamp and LEGLIGHTS allow you to get back the full-visible-spectrum of daylight for your adventures into darkness, revealing vastly more important outdoor surface details & colors than any other LED headlamps of flashlights.


Each CYRAD Illuminator is superior to other headlamps & flashlights that only use conventional LEDs, regardless of claimed brightness.


Used Separately, the Owlsight headlamp, LEGLIGHTS and CM1 focusable flashlight are great alone. All reveal truer-colors and more-detail than other headlamps and flashlights!


Used together, the Owlsight headlamp & LEGLIGHTS provide a combination of light angles & spectra to expose more detail and improve your footing better than any other wearable LED illumination.

High & low light angles work together to reveal detail & shadows similar to how skylight and direct morning sunlight work together. Photography studios also use 3+ angle lighting. 


FYI: The Owlsight & CM1 flashlight's ~95 CRI (Color Rendering Index) rating means that the CYRAD system is capable of producing True-Color light, revealing colors & detail of surfaces similar to how they would appear in natural sunlight. And, LEGLIGHTS can illuminate closer to True-Color than other headlamps, but are optimized to reveal the most detail from the reflected spectra of thousands of dark, slippery, and tripping hazard surfaces identified during our research. 

Learn how other LED headlamps and flashlights that output mostly yellow-green light to "appear brighter" actually degrade your detail perception of most natural objects.  Learn what really matters for better vision at night and how to better use light outdoors, caving, and anywhere dark.  

Get back the colors & details of daytime, at night
Customize your lamp's color spectra to meet your changing needs.
You can easily switch between OWLSIGHT Headlamp's 12 Selectable-Color Spectra Modes to enhance your vision for the kind of terrain you're hiking, what you are looking for (to see or avoid), & how dark-adapted your eyes are.
muddy boot, stepping in mud
Rocky hiking trail
Different levels of darkness, environments, & activities can benefit from boosting different color wavelengths. The best lighting for trail running, climbing, sitting in a blind, fishing lakeside, or snowshoeing may not be the same. Plus, LEGLIGHTS provide 4 selectable-spectra for illuminating ground & periphery.
The CYRAD Owlsight headlamp and LEGLIGHT system gives your eyesight or camera a ~200% wider spectral dynamic range with 3-point sources for far greater depth perception than other flashlights or headlamps.
This makes it possible to better identify many visual characteristics such as the 3-dimensional feel of surfaces, fine trail details such as thorns on blackberry vines, the translucence of many objects including wet or icy surfaces, the luster of metals, and many other photo, video, & vision  advantages in addition to truer color.
Colorful rainbow over forest
Cyradiance Broad Spectrum LED technology logo

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Compare CYRAD's Full-Color Selectable Spectra to today's LED headlamps

Comparison photos of CYRAD LED flashlight and headlight light, Cyradiance high CRI, and UV and red mesopic active filters
 Full-Color & Custom Color Spectra Reveal Both Hazards & Nature's Beauty 
hiking hazards snake, barbed wire, ticks, thorns, aligator caiman
Owlsight & LEGLIGHT UV Fluorescence Modes Reveal Even More 
urine on rug with dog is fluorescent under UV light
US currency and IDs have hidden marks exposed by UV
Fluorescent fishing gear examples
UV Fluorescent tidal pool inhabitants

LEGLIGHTS add 2 full-color spectra floodlights to illuminate your "foot-forward" zone up to 30 feet. This extended peripheral view improves your footing on difficult terrain and permits better heads-up attention to your surroundings.

Hiker in forest showing wide peripheral LED lighting

Become more footsure on all terrain


DID YOU KNOW that your eyes' pupils often and unconsciously glance toward our feet when we walk or run? LEGLIGHTS provide 2 wide-angle, wearable floodlights to illuminate your “Foot-forward” zone with 4 selectable spectra including a full-visible color sunlight spectra simulation, UV, & Night-Vision modes. This extended peripheral view greatly improves your footing on difficult terrain and permits better heads-up attention to your surroundings.

Stop being a "bobblehead" at night!



Illuminated Zone

Headlight Illuminated Zone

spelunker in lava cave with LED light system (founder)



Wide-angle "skylight" and light reflected from other surfaces at many angles play a big role in why visual details appear better in the daytime. 
OWLSIGHT and LEGLIGHTS were designed to work together because multiple light angles using illumination on the head with wide-angle floodlights on both legs more closely simulate morning sunlight at your back than any single light source, similar to the light angles used in photography studios.
Better illuminate details & reveal what's in the shadows 
Your perception of color hues, tints, tones, textures, angles, depth, translucence, wetness, ice coatings, waxy or oily surfaces, patterns, and other visual effects are determined both by many parts of the light's color spectrum and the light angles you unconsciously use during daylight.
Snowshoe walker with LED light system showing wide peripheral views



Ultimate Wearable 3 & 4 Point Light Source Systems
CYRAD TRIAD or QUAD Systems provide ultimate vision enhancement and versatility, but each system elements are also great to use on their own, or mixed and matched to suit your needs, whether on urban or wilderness adventures or even doing tasks around the house.  

Hike, Run, Ride, Fish, Ski, Track, Spelunk, or Climb

"Any Time" and "In Any Weather"

Icons of hiking, fishing, hunting skiing, running, horseback, riding, biking, horesback, canoe, camp, photography, climbing, and caving


Get out earlier! Stay out longer!


Backpacker hikers on mountian at sunset

Join our new Commmunity of Nighttime Adventurers.

Help us bring color back to the night with

CYRAD Full-Color-Spectra wearable lights

designed to enhance your vision, safety, & fun.

Get out earlier! Stay out longer!
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