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CYRAD CM1 Focusable Flashlight

CYRAD CM1 Focusable Flashlight

Worlds '- First Broad Spectrum Focusable flashlight

  • CM1 Focusable Flashlight Features

    • 400mW of Broad-Spectrum, Power-Efficient Light
    • CRI Ra ~95 true-color light quality
    • 3 Operational Modes: Full Power (3W), 40% Power, Full Power Flashing for Signaling and Emergencies 
    • "Regulated" LED Circuitry for More Stable Luminance. The CM1 has regulated power circuitry for a more consistant luminance during use. Many other LED flashlights quickly reduce luminance during use so the light output they quote is only available for a few minutes.
    • Focusable;  Continuously Variable of Range of  25-Degrees (spotlight) to 70-Degrees (Floodlight). Refractive optics provide nearly artifact free light beams so you see what is really there and not circles or spots made by your flashlight
    • Illuminate to 320m (990ft) Dark-Adapted or 70m (215ft) ANSI
    • Anodized Aircraft-Grade Aluminum Body
    • IPX7 Waterproof capable for Use In Torrential Rain, Plus Dust+Sand Tolerance (1)
    • 2m Drop Impact Tested and Corrosion Resistant 
    • Silicone rubber handle cover with Rare-Earth 14 hr luminance glow
    • Rugged Nylon Belt-Worn Holster with Secure Flap Closure
    • Wide/Comfortable Nylon Wrist Lanyard
    • Portable Manual Provided 
    • Uses 2 AA Batteries


    (1) O-Rings are factory coated with silicone gel. Every 3 battery changes, reapply thin silicone gel coat. (3g Pure Silicone Gel Tube included is sufficient for about 5-10 re-coatings). Open the battery compartment and dry for 12 hours or more without batteries after use in very wet environments as an extra precaution.

    (2) Batteries are not included. Use your choice of disposable 1.5-1.8V lithium or 1.5V alkaline, or 1.2-1.5V rechargeable NiHM batteries. )Reference ANSI alkaline AA battery life in High-Power mode at 68°F is typically over 3 hours, and about 14 hours hours in the mid-power Mode. Battery life in bright flashing mode is typically about 8 hours.


    Technical Specifications

    Performance, Mechanical, Materials, & Optics:


    Weight (without batteries) 5 oz (143g)
    Body Dimensions 180 mm long; front:back diameter 30 mm:25mm
    LED Type Cyradiance
    Primary Lens Refractive acrylic
    Beam 23 degree spot to 75 degree flood
    Batteries 2AA
    Battery compatibility Alkaline, disposable lithium, rechargeable NiMH
    Exterior Body Materials 6061 Milled Aluminum (Aircraft grade); Long-persistence Rare Earth glowing silicone rubber handle cover
    Holster & Lanyard Nylon
    RoHs Compliant
    CE Compliant
    Radiance 400 mW
    Beam 320m Mesopic; 70m Photopic
    Battery life 25 hr @ 40% power
    Impact resistance 2m (6.2 ft) drop
    Waterproof IP67 (1m)



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