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See Millions More Colors and Details Using The CG2 Focusable Precision Illuminator Flashlight with Cyradiance Broad Spectrum LEDs


2 - Regulated Power Modes (High and Medium) + a Flashing Mode. Large continuous focus range From Spotlight to Wide Floodlight


Blackout Protection for 6+ hours of low-level dark-adapted light after ANSI battery depletion


Adjustable & continuous focusing range from a spotlight of about 25° to wide-angle light of about 65°


Includes the World's first detachable ActiveRed filter that efficiently converts white light into wide-red spectrum light.
Other Red filters on LED flashlights block and waste over 80% of the flashlight's light energy and skip 2/3 the red spectrum.
Cyan boost allows 3-5X further long-distance vision when dark-adapted compared to other similar power Use LED Flashlights.


IP-67 Design for use in torrential rain


Uses 2-AA Batteries

Use your choice of disposable alkaline, disposable lithium, or rechargeable NiMH batteries

Disposable lithium AA batteries are recommended for illuminator use below15° F (-5° C)

Rugged Aircraft Grade Aluminum Body

The CG2 flashlight has a glass breaking shaped head, should it ever be needed.


Comes with wrist lanyard and nylon belt pouch



    • "Regulated" LED Circuitry for More Constant Luminance 
    • 3 Operational Modes:
      • Full Power (3W) 
      • 40% Power
      • Full Power Flashing for Signaling and Emergencies 
    • 400mW of Broad-Spectrum, Power-Efficient Light
    • Focus Range: Continuously Variable of Range of  25-Degrees (spoltlight) to 65-Degrees (Floodlight)
    • Illuminate to 320m (1050ft) Dark-Adapted
      • 70m (215ft) ANSI (Not Dark-Adapted std)
    • ActiveRed (World's First) Energy-Efficienct Broad-Red Spectrum Photonic Filter Optimized For Mesopic Vision Dark-Adapted Use. Silicone Rubber Retainer Strap and Ring Attached To Filter Holder 
    • IPX7 Waterproof for Use In Torrential Rain, Plus Dust+Sand Tolerance
    • Starter Tube of Silicone Gel For Optimal Waterproofing Included      (O-Rings are Factory Coated with Silicone Gel. Every 3 Battery Changes, Reapply Thin Silicone Gel Coat. (3g Pure Silicone Gel Tube Is Sufficient For About 5-10 Re-Coatings)
    • 2m Onto Concrete Drop-Impact Tested Design
    • Corrosion Resistant Anodized Aircraft-Grade Aluminum Body
    • Rugged Nylon Belt-Worn Holster with Secure Flap Closure
    • Wide/Comfortable Nylon Wrist Lanyard
    • Portable Manual Provided 
    • Uses 2 AA Batteries (Your choice of disposable 1.5-1.8V lithium or 1.5V alkaline, or 1.2-1.5V rechargeable NiHM batteries. ) Batteries are not included.
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