•  World’s First Full-Color spectrum headlamp, including UVA

  • CRI Ra ~95 *

  • 12 Color-Spectral modes & 3 flashing modes

  • Spotlight or micro-lens wide-beam modes

  • World’s First light-converting ActiveRed & ActiveV slider filters

  • 0-65 degree angle vertical adjustment

  • World’s First Rugged carbon fiber high temp compatible main body. 

  • No-Slip silicone pattern quick-drying strap with quick-release buckle

  • Silicone rubber band lens protector with rare earth long luminance glow

  • 2-Sec Turn-on delay for bump-in-pack protection

  • Regulated Power & Blackout protection**

  • Uses 3 AAA batteries***

  • Rugged; IP67 for use in dust or torrential rain

  • World’s First Full-Color Wearable LEGLIGHTS

  • CRI Ra ~90 *

  • 4 Color-Spectral modes

  • Wide-beam floodlights

  • World’s First Rugged carbon fiber end caps

  • Silicone rubber band lens protector with rare earth long luminance glow

  • 2-Sec Turn-on delay for bump-in- pack protection

  • No-Slip silicone pattern quick-drying straps with quick-release buckles

  • Blackout protection**

  • Uses just 1 AA battery per LEGLIGHT***

  • Rugged; IP67 for use in dust or torrential rain 

  • Wear on legs, wrists, arms, or as a wide-angle headlamp. Use as a hanging lamp in a tent, from a tree, or in a workplace.

  • World’s First Full-Color Broad Spectrum Flashlight

  • CRI Ra ~95 *

  • Focusable 25° (Spot) to 65° (Floodlight)

  • Regulated power with 100%, 40%, & flashing modes

  • Blackout protection**

  • Aircraft grade aluminum body 

  • Hard anodized coating

  • •Illuminate to 1050 ft Dark-Adapted

  • Silicone rubber handle cover with rare-earth long luminance glow

  • Ballistic nylon belt-mount holster

  • Wrist lanyard

  • Uses 2 AA batteries***

  • Rugged;  IP67 for use in dust or torrential rain




 * Typical average CRI Ra. Peak CRI may vary +/- 3 and can also be effected by battery type or condition.

**  Blackout Protection refers to 8-hour or longer typical lower-luminance reserve battery capability for dark-adapted walking or pack searches              after 90% ANSI battery depletion at 20C (68F). This is further aided by our patented Cyradiance boosted spectral cyan at your peak scotopic light        sensitivity (Typical S/P >2).

*** Use your choice of: Rechargeable NiMH, Alkaline, or disposable lithium batteries. Changeable batteries means you can carry spares of most              battery types for long outings and intensive use.  Use high-capacity NiMH Rechargeable batteries for frequent use.


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