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Warranties for CYRAD Precision Illuminator Products


We Support Our CYRAD Users


During the introduction of these new CYRAD products, the limited warranty will be extended to 3 years for early CYRAD product purchases before July 4, 2018.  


Limited Product Warranty
Nulumina warrants this product to be free of initial manufacturing defects for a period of one (1) year from the initial date of purchase. (Extended to 3-years from shipping date for Initial Purchasers purchasing before July 4, 2018)


This warranty is only available to the original purchaser with dated proof of purchase and only if purchased directly from Nulumina, or a distributor or reseller authorized by Nulumina.


If this product was a gift from the original purchaser, the above warranty applies based on the initial date of purchase by the original purchaser.


The above purchaser information with dated proof of purchase is required along with your contact information and other information that may be requested by Nulumina. original 


If your product is found to have a manufacturing defect during the warranty period, Nulumina will, at its sole option, either repair or replace the returned product with a reconditioned, new, or substantially equivalent model. 


Contact Nulumina for warranty issues through our website under “Contact Us” at 


This warranty does not apply to loss, theft, or any defects attributable to damage after the sale caused by misuse, carelessness, battery related damage, dirt or water damage, corrosion, scratches, torn, discolored, or soiled materials, or by any modification of the product. Cracks, scuffs, and damage from excessive heat, pressure, force, impact, and/or damage by sharp or abrasive objects are not covered by this warranty.  All restrictions also apply to all product components. 

Fabric straps, buckles, O-rings, the manual, the silicone band, or other lost parts are not covered by this warranty but free or low-cost replacements may be available for a $10 USD packaging & shipping per-item fee during the warranty period (USA shipments). Outside USA shipments of spare straps and other spare parts will have higher packing and shipping cost based on the added expense.


This warranty only applies to Nulumina CYRAD Precision Illuminator products. 




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