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World’s First Full-Color spectra headlamp, including UVA


  • World’s First Full-Color spectrum headlamp, including UVA

    • CRI Ra ~95 (1)
    • 12 Color-Spectral modes & 3 flashing modes 
    • Spotlight with refective optics or micro-lens wide-beam modes for excellent beam uniformity
    • World’s First light-converting ActiveRed & ActiveV slider filter, both with microlenses for excellent beam uniformity
    • 0-65 degree angle vertical adjustment
    • World’s First Rugged carbon fiber high temp compatible main body. 
    • No-Slip silicone pattern quick-drying strap with quick-release buckle
    • Silicone rubber band lens protector with rare earth long luminance glow
    • 2-Sec Turn-on delay for bump-in-pack protection
    • Regulated Power & Blackout protection (2). Regulated power circuitry for a more consistant luminance during use. Many other LED headlamps quickly reduce luminance during use so the light output they quote is only available for a few minutes.
    • Uses 3 AAA batteries (3)
    • Rugged; IP67 for use in dust or torrential rain

     (1) Typical average CRI Ra. Peak CRI may vary +/- 3 and can also be effected by battery type or condition.
     (2) Blackout Protection refers to 8-hour or longer typical lower-luminance reserve battery capability for dark-adapted walking or pack searches after 90% ANSI battery depletion at 20C (68F). This is further aided by our patented Cyradiance boosted spectral cyan at your peak scotopic light sensitivity (Typical S/P ~2).
    (3) Use your choice of: Rechargeable NiMH, Alkaline, or disposable lithium batteries. Changeable batteries means you can carry spares of most battery types for long outings and intensive use.  Use high-capacity NiMH Rechargeable batteries for frequent use.


    Mechanical, Materials, & Optics

    Weight (without batteries or strap) 1.4 oz, 40g

    Body Dimensions

    58 mm wide, 38 mm high, 37 mm deep
    LED Type Cyradiance, UVA
    Primary Lens Refractive acrylic
    Beam Type

    35 degree Spot; 120 degree Flood with Microlens Filter

    Tilt Range 0-60 degrees
    Batteries  3AAA

    Battery Compatibility

    Alkaline, disposable lithium, rechargeable NiMH

    Exterior Body Materials Carbon-Fiber PC composite, ABS front cover wtih tactile silicone coating
    Ruggedness IP67 waterproof & dustproof
    RoHS & CE Compliant
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