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CYRAD LEGLIGHTS  Leg, Wrist, & Body Worn Lamps

CYRAD LEGLIGHTS Leg, Wrist, & Body Worn Lamps

 World’s First Full-Color Wearable LEGLIGHTS for foot-forward & wide peripheral zone illumination (provided as pairs)


  • World’s First Full-Color Wearable LEGLIGHTS for foot-forward & wide peripheral zone illumination


    •   4 Color-Spectral modes
    •    CRI Ra ~90 (1)
    •    Wide-beam floodlights for peripheral illumination
    •    World’s First Rugged carbon fiber end caps for impact resistance & better lamp cooling.

    ●    0-90 degree Beam Pivot range; Illuminate the zone from the front of your feet-outward at the angle best suited to your terrain and objectives.
    •    Silicone rubber band lens protector with rare earth long luminance glow (2)
    •    2-Sec Turn-on delay for bump-in- pack protection
    •    No-Slip silicone pattern quick-drying straps with quick-release buckles (3)
    •    Blackout protection (4)
    •    Uses just 1 AA battery per LEGLIGHT (5)
    •    Rugged; IP67 for use in dust or torrential rain (6)
    •    Wear on legs, wrists, arms, or as a wide-angle headlamp. Use as a hanging lamp in a tent, from a tree, or in a workplace.


    (1) Typical average CRI Ra. Peak CRI may vary +/- 3 and can also be effected by battery type or condition.

    (2) Rare-Earth Glowing Silicone Rubber Band for lens protection during transport and can be used for fast-find of the lamps at night (1 band can stretch around and hold 2 leglights with their straps togther and protect the lenses during transport). The rare-earth pigments in these bands can be visible to your dark-adapted eyes up-to 14 hours after being well charged using intense daylight, or white light or UVA light for 10 minutes or more.

    (3) Each LEGLIGHTS comes with moisture-wicking adjustable size range stretch straps with quick-release buckle to allow easy placing above the knees without pulling the straps over buddy boots. This feature also allows for more-easy hanging of LEGLIGHTS on inside tent loops or poles for overhead lighting, or easy strapping to other objects such as trees, packs, or bikes. Straps are adjustable to fit most small to very-large size mid thighs and heads. Silicone rubber wave pattern on strap backside minimizes slip during high activity level use. 
    (4) Blackout Protection reserves battery power to provide several added hours of dark-adapted use after ANSI battery depletion (typically over 8 hours in Mode 2, depending on prior modes used). This is further aided by our patented Cyradiance boosted spectral cyan at your peak scotopic light sensitivity (Typical S/P ~2).
    (5) Use your choice of: Rechargeable NiMH, Alkaline, or disposable lithium batteries. Changeable batteries means you can carry spares of most     battery types for long outings and intensive use.  Use high-capacity NiMH Rechargeable batteries for frequent use.

    (6) IPX7 capable for use in torrential rain. Sampled lamps passed 1 meter underwater testing for 30 minutes without loss of function. They can handle heavy rain for many hours. This illuminator is far more rain tolerant than typical IP44 "rain resistant" lamps that only need to pass light water spray tests for 15 minutes. [Open the battery compartment and dry for 12 hours or more without batteries after use in very wet environments as an extra precaution.] These illuminators also exhibit a high tolerance to fine blowing dust without loss of functionality


    Power modes include (in order of control button sequence after the 2-second button-press turn-on).

    Mode 1. Fluorescent (UVA 395nm + violet, indigo, & blue light): See fluorescence in many fungi, algae, plants, insects, minerals, IDs and currencies, scorpions, fluorescent gear, urine stains, and more

    Mode 2. Enhanced Night Vision  (Red and cyan enhanced broad spectrum light for mesopic vision when dark-adapted): Remain dark adapted, but see ground details most far better than with other lamps

    Mode 3. Enhanced Color Detail (Cyradiance broad-spectra): Power-effective light for seeing ground contours and most other natural surface details. CRI ~90.

    Mode 4. Daylight Z (Full-Visible-Color-Spectra): See all colors including natural fluorescence, almost like mixed morning sunlight and skylight.

  • CYRAD LEGLIGHTS Tech Specifications


    Mechanical, Materials, & Optics 

    Weight (withoug batteries of straps) 0.9 oz, 27g
    Body Dimensions 58 mm wide, 28 mm high, 38 mm deep
    LED Type Cyradiance, M-Cyrad, UVA
    Primary Lens Refractive PC with Active V microlens
    Beam Type 120 degree flood
    Tilt Range 0 - 90 degrees
    Batteries 1 AA per lamp
    Battery compatibility Alakaline, disposable Lithium, Rechargeable NiMH
    Exterior Body Materials Carbon-Fiber PC Composite Endcaps, ABS Body with Tactile rubber coating
    Ruggedness IP 67 waterproof; 2m (6.2 ft) drop 
    RoHS & CE Compliant


    Performance - 4 Power Modes


      Power Mode 1 Power Mode 2 Power Mode 3 Power Mode 4

    UV-Plus (UVA LED on)

    Mostly UVA with added violet, blue, & cyan

    Enhanced Night VIsion (Cyradiance Magenta LED on)

    Broad spectra light, boosted cyan, & highly boosted reds

    Enchance Color Detail (LED Triad on)

    Broad spectra light


    Daylight Z (All LEDs on)

    Full-color daytime spectra, similar to early morning sunlight

    Radiance 20 mW 30 mW 100 mW 110 mW
    Beam up to 4m 13m (36 ft) Mesopic; 4m Photopic 45m (140 ft) Mesopic; 15m Photopic 45, (140 ft) Mesopic; 15m Photopic
    Battery Life 44 hr 20 hr; 30 hr dark-adapted 11 hr; 18 hr dark-adapted 10 hr; 14 hr dark-adapted
    Suggested Use Fluorescent objects, scorpions, urine stains, many insects & minerals Walking on moderate terrain with typical dark hazards & being less obtrusive to animals Toughest terrain. See trail obstacles such as roots & branches, vegetation, slime, & contours in foot-forward zone See wet, icy, or oily surfaces & many other objects. Mushrooms, scorpions, berries, or tracking.

    Light in Modes 2 and 3 are cyan-boosted for better dark-adapted vision than other LED lights at similar low radiant flux intensities.

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