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Introducing the Next Generation of Wearable Adventure Lighting 

See more vibrant colors & more details at night

HALF the Color Spectrum You Had In Daylight Are

Weak or Missing With Current Headlamps & Flashlights!



Headlamps, Leglights, & flashlights created using vision science & studies of reflected light spectra from thousands of outdoor surfaces to work separately or as a stysem


Better at revealing Colors, Textures, Patterns, Contours, Water & Oily Films, & Other Surface Details


Launching in just a few weeks

Enter to Win a 12-Spectra

OwlSight Headlamp

Drawing to be held July 31, 2017

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Learn to See Far-More Color & Detail at Night

Be Eligible For Early-Fall Shipments

in Time for Longer Nights & Fall Colors

CYRAD is also great on Ice & Snow Contours

* Sweepstakes Terms 

 3 winners of an Owlsight 12-Spectra Headlamp will be selected.  No Purchase Necessary.  Void where prohibited. Be 18 years or older. Winner notifications will be sent by email soon after the drawing. Prize shipments will be in October, 2017.  Already signed up? You will be automatically entered.

See 6 Modes of The OWLSIGHT Headlamp Compared to Typical LED Headlamp Lights 

Comparisone photos of  LED light, Cyradiance high CRI, and UV and red mesopic active filters


Like a Hacking Your Eyesight to Greatly Improve Vision 


We first measured the reflected light spectra from thousands of terrestrial surfaces to determine what illumination spectra would reveal the most relevant detail in various outdoor situations! 


Then, we created breakthrough Cyradiance LEDs, active photonic filters, and rugged Headlamps, LEGLIGHTS, & Flashlights for outdoor use. 


Individually, or as systems, these energy-efficient, breakthrough "Precision Illuminators" reveal most colors, textures, patterns, contours, water & oily films, blood, & a vast range of surface details far-better than other LED lights.

Cyradiance Broad Spectrum LED logo

See How CYRAD Triad and Quad Systems

Reveal More Color & Details

Using More Angles of Light to Simulate Daylight Effects

You Thought Were Lost at Night



Click below to learn more and see more examples

of what CYRAD Systems & Cyradiance light can do for you


Stop being fooled! Learn why more "Brightness" does not mean more "light" from a lamp. Other headlamps and flashlights output mostly yellow-green light that degrades your detail perception of most natural objects, compared to vision-optimized broad-spectrum light power.  Learn what really matters for better vision at night and how to better use light outdoors, caving, and anywhere dark.  

Fluorescent tidal pool, urine stain, bedbug traces, and fishing gear
 UV Fluorescence Makes Many Things Easier to See 
Human eye cross section graphic

Full-color-spectrum illumination makes your 

nighttime excursions more enjoyable and safer!

See more visual effects of daylight

Light and Sound Are Analogous in Human Perception

You don't like "loud" bad-quality sound.


Why view your world using bad-quality "bright"  light?


Spectral quality and appropriate intensity for the task is the key to detail revealing audio and vision!

Loud megaphone for light and audio analogy

Vision and hearing both have "midrange" spectra of highest sensitivity, described as brightness (in lumens) for light, or as loudness (in decibels SPL) for sound. The Cyradiance vision-boost concept is analogous to how quality hearing aids or audio equalizers increase the sound intensity at high and/or low frequencies where your hearing is less sensitive to improve your ability to hear more detail.


Loudness ≈ Brightness

Difficult wet hiking trail hazard, snake, many color wildflowers
Snake hiking trail hazard
Colorful wildflowers in sunlight
Hikes showing wide peripheral LED lighting near forest




LEGLIGHTS reveal your foot-forward zone

Spectrum, Light Angles, & Object Reflectivity Are Critical 



Snowshoe walker with LED light system showing wide peripheral views
spelunker in lava cave with LED light system

Do you want to be more footsure at night?


DID YOU KNOW that your eyes' pupils often and unconsciously glance toward our feet when we walk or run? LEGLIGHTS are 2 additional wide-angle, wearable floodlights to illuminate your “Foot-forward” zone up to 30 feet (4 selectable spectra including full-visible spectra sunlight, UV, & Night-Vision modes). This extended peripheral view improves your footing on difficult terrain and permits better heads-up attention to your surroundings.


LEGLIGHTS provide an amazing advantage for improved footing. You may soon wonder how you got around at night without them. We designed LEGLIGHTS to be easy to use, very fast to buckle on or off,  and with very long battery life using just one AA battery per illuminator.

Better reveal what's in shadows & add depth perception

Hiker trekker wearing LED headlamp, flashlights, and LEGLIGHTS




Wide-angle "skylight" and direct "sunlight" work together in the "daytime"


OWLSIGHT and LEGLIGHTS to work together to create virtual daylight

Multiple Light Sources Create "Daytime-Like" Vision Effects

Get back visual details & depth perception you thought were lost at night

 to check out our Products Section
to see specifications and details about
Precision Illuminators products
and the Triad and Quad sets.


Hike, Run, Ride, Fish, Ski, Track, Spelunk, or Climb

"Any Time" and "In Any Weather"

Icones hiking, fishing, hunting skiing, running, horseback, riding, canoe, camp, photography, climbing, and hunting
hiking hazards snake, barbed wire, ticks, thorns, aligator caiman
Backpacker hikers on mountian at sunset


Get out earlier! Stay out longer!

Join our new Commmunity of Nighttime Adventurers.

Help us bring color back to the night with

CYRAD Full-Color-Spectra wearable lights

designed to enhance your vision, safety, & fun.

See what you've

been missing! 

Hikers with LED headlamps and LEGLIGHTS and Sasquatch Big foot in forest

Thanks for visiting us!

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